Framed House

The house is located on the outskirts of Poznan, Poland. It was designed for a young Polish couple with one kid and another one coming soon, and the design had to observe a strict  budget line. The key for this project was to maximize the value of the context.

The shape of a house is defined by the views. Framed views on a lake, forest, field, valley specify the final shape of a house.Window frames, the only significant elements of a simple facade, also create  the external character of house.

The internal communication of the house  follows the decline of  the hilly area. This creates a strong connection between  the interior and exterior spaces. It is also the way to economize on the  ground works.

The hall, kitchen, dining room, saloon, terrace and garden fluently merge into one space. Modest interior emphasize this concept.

Simple roof covered with not expensive material follows main idea. Omission of decoration helps to stick to the budget  and also underline the real valor of the house.

The house is designed by  the context.


Location: Jerzykowo, Poznan, Poland

Total surface area: 216 sqm

First floor area: 140 sqm

Second floor area: 76 sqm

Project: 2012

Completition: 2015

Foto: winter: Kuba Borkowicz / summer: Przemysław Turlej